The Science & Research behind Evolution Hair Fibers making them todays #1 Choice for Instantly creating thicker & fuller hair in Seconds.

Thinning, balding and Spotting hair loss in all Ages and Genders due many reasons such as age, heredity, stress, post-partum, illness, medications, hairstyles and products has never been easier to deal with now by using Evolution Hair Fibers products.

Evolution Hair Fibers are made of 100% Human Hair Scientifically Engineered, Sized & Statically Charged. You will witness an Un Paralleled Building Platform when applying, an Amazing Full Look and all day hold with our Follicle Stimulating Locking Spray that unlike most hair sprays actually promotes hair growth with key ingredients.

Because Evolution Hair Fibers inherently have a static charge that we increase and are Sized perfectly using cutting Edge Particle Characterization Analyzers used by leading Research & Development and Bio Facilities around the world, when they are applied to your area of need they immediately start to build and adhere to your existing strands of hair filling in your balding areas making it undetectable at any distance giving an amazing Look in seconds.

Finally, the Evolution Science took key steps to ensure color lock and resistance of the inevitable Rain, Perspiration and Wind to guarantee and all day hold no matter what your plans or weather.