What is Evolution Hair Fiber?

Evolution Hair Fibers is 100% Human Hair. It is an instant and natural solution for both Men and Women with thinning or balding areas on their scalp, as well as patchy hair loss areas on a man’s beard. Everyone who colors their hair will find it to be a great solution for monthly root touch ups to conceal your natural root as your color grows out.

What are Evolution Hair Fibers made of?

Evolution Hair Fibers is made up of 100% Remy grade Human Hair.

Does Evolution Hair Fibers work on Facial hair?

Yes, Evolution Hair Fibers can easily be applied to your mustache, goatee, or beard. We recommend using our Follicle Stimulating Locking Spray prior to your application for an all-day hold. It is safe to use on facial areas and it will not clog your pores. For Beard Line enhancement use the Evolution Hairline Perfector Comb.

What colors are available with Evolution Hair Fibers?

Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Auburn & Gray.

Can I exchange my bottle of Evolution if the Color I choose is not the right one?

Sure! That is not a problem. If you decide that the Hair Fiber color you purchased is not the right shade you can simply exchange for another color.

How long will it take me to apply Evolution Hair Fibers?

If it is your very first time applying hair fiber it will generally take you 5 minutes to complete your look from start to finish. Once you are familiar with how easy the hair fibers are to apply you can easily finish your application in 1 minute or less.

Will Evolution Hair Fibers fall out if I tip my head down?

The Simplest answer is No. Evolution Hair Fibers has a static charge that ensures your hair fiber application will adhere to any hair type or style. You can maximize your strongest all-day fiber hold with the use of our Follicle Stimulating Locking Spray.

Does Evolution Hair Fibers come in different size bottles?

Yes! We make our Hair Fiber bottles in two sizes, Small 20g and Large 38g.

Do you offer a Locking Spray?

Yes, Evolution Hair Fibers has a specially formulated Locking Spray with the gentlest Ingredients to not cause drying or damage to the Hair which makes it safe for daily use on either your scalp or facial areas and will not clog your pores. We set our self aside when it comes to “Locking Sprays” because we feature Castor Oil in our formulation which has numerous benefits for Hair growth and Hair Health.

Will the Castor Oil in Evolution Hair Fibers Follicle Stimulating Locking Spray help grow new hair?

Daily use of applying Castor Oil to the scalp does stimulate your hair follicles with the end resulting in new healthy hair. You can apply the spray before and after your hair fiber application to ensure that you are maximizing your follicle growth effects. If applying the spray before your fibers are applied please make sure you wait until the spray has dried.

How do I use the Hair Line Perfector?

Simply hold the comb at fine hair areas such as your widows peak or temples and shake the hair fibers gently above your hair line while the comb is still in place. The Perfector will act as a shield so that the Hair Fibers do not fall onto your face.

Do you have an Applicator Pump for your Hair Fiber Bottles?

Yes, we do! We guarantee that once you use our Applicator you will always use it. The Evolution Hair Fiber Applicator is great for Hairline or Beard Enhancement or to simply give you a more precise Hair Fiber Placement each time.

Will the Evolution Hair Fiber Applicator Fit Both Size Bottles?

Yes, it will! It will fit the 20 g & 38 g.

How Do I put the Hair Fiber Applicator on my bottle?

Twist and Pull off the Evolution Hair Fibers sifter and screw on the applicator. Please make sure that you store your sifter in a safe place so that if you would like to use it that way you can do so.

Do you have a Return Policy?

Yes, we have a 30-day return policy. If you decide that Evolution Hair Fibers is not for you we will give you a full refund minus shipping cost.

How can I become a Distributor for Evolution Hair Fibers?

We are always welcoming new Evolution Hair Fibers distributor partners. Whether you are domestic or international, please submit your company details by clicking the Distributor tab above or by calling an Evolution Hair Fibers representative direct at 1-800-711-6968. Thank you for your interest in Evolution Hair Fibers.