Evolution Hair Fibers is a Hair Concealment product for thinning or balding areas of the scalp that can be used by both Men & Women and is made up of 100% Human Hair. Within seconds of using Evolution Hair Fibers for your first time you will be amazed at how instantly thick, full, and healthy looking your hair will be. Thinning, balding and Spotting hair loss in all age groups and genders due many reasons such as age, heredity, stress, post-partum, illness, medications, hair styles and products can leave many feeling self-conscious about their image. Now thinning hair has never been easier to deal with.

Evolution Hair Fibers contains the finest grade of Human Hair inside each bottle and is scientifically developed with electro-static technology to create and instant bond with your natural hair.  When you apply the fibers to either your head or facial hair areas the color will blend in perfectly and undetectable even for the most up-close moments. Synthetic Hair Fibers are outdated and if you have used any Hair Fiber product that has Cotton or Keratin inside as the main ingredient you will know that Fiber Clumping is a major issue and will leave your result looking very unnatural.

To conceal your areas of concern gently shake the hair fiber over your thinning areas and in seconds you will be amazed at how easy our product is to use and most importantly how good you look and feel!  Evolution Hair Fibers come in seven colors such as Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Blonde, Gray and Auburn and will match perfectly no matter your hair type or texture, we guarantee that no one will notice that you are using a hair concealment product. You will be able to do all of your normal daily tasks while wearing Evolution Hair Fibers and have the best confidence. You can wear Evolution to the gym, drive your convertible car or go out for a night on the town with friends and  you will not have to worry about the fibers coming off With the use of our Evolution Hair Fibers follicle stimulating locking spray you can lock in your style from early morning until the end of the day at ease in knowing that even in the rain or perspiration your hair style will be perfect all day.


Evolution Hair Fibers is made from one ingredient only Human Hair! And you can trust us when we say that nothing looks more natural that real hair!


Customer Satisfaction is what we strive for, If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone or sending an email. We hope you enjoy Evolution Hair Fibers as much as we do and that they improve your confidence and lifestyle. We value your business and any suggestions or comments are always welcome. We thank you for your business!

Evolution Hair Fibers is “The Platinum Standard!”™️

Let us educate you! Evolution Hair Fibers will come to any Barbering or Cosmetology School and educate your students about how easy it is to use Evolution Hair Fibers. Make your client’s feel great and make extra money at the same time! Call 1-800-711-6968  for more information today.